While we celebrate wins in Washington DC,Pennsylvania is still at risk. Here's what you can do now

Register for the Feb 4th SJI meeting - Stay Informed! Guest Presentation on State-wide effort to stop the gerrymandering of our Hight Courts. Register for SJI Meeting here.

Healthcare: Take a few minutes to view a discussion with a major Labor Leader and former Healthcare Insurance Co. Executive on why Single Payer Healthcare aka Medicare for All is necessary in the US: View Discussion Here.

Environment: SJI environmentalists are working with Progressive MontCo's Environmental Justice Committee on aligned goals for 2021, including passage of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in Pennsylvania. This project is vital to lower carbon emissions for clean air in PA. I will post meeting dates when I receive them, and if you're concerned about PA's environment, you can join in on the meetings.

SJI and the Cheltenham NAACP - 2021 collaboration: As we address racial justice and equity, SJI is working with our local NAACP, supporting their strategic goals for 2021. Join us as we work with our neighbors to create a stronger community. Interested in being part of this work? Email me at sjindivisible@gmail.com