"Some gave a little blood. And some lost their lives."


What Will You Do?

In the 1860's secessionists used the idea of "States' Rights" to perpetuate slavery. Today the heirs of those secessionists are again using the rallying cry of "States' Rights" to disenfranchise millions of voters of color. The John Lewis Voting Right act will give Federal Courts the power to overturn these these heinous new laws.

The John Lewis Voting Rights Act:

Restores the full protections of the original, bipartisan Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was last reauthorized by Congress in 2006, but gutted by the Supreme Court in 2013.

Establishes a targeted process for reviewing voting changes in jurisdictions nationwide, focused on measures that have historically been used to discriminate against voters

Allows a federal court to order states or jurisdictions to be covered for results-based violations, where the effect of a particular voting measure (including voter ID laws) is to lead to racial discrimination in voting and to deny citizens their right to vote

Increases transparency by requiring reasonable public notice for voting changes

Allows the Attorney General authority to request federal observers be present anywhere in the country where there is a serious threat of racial discrimination in voting

Revises and tailors the preliminary injunction standard for voting rights actions to recognize that there will be cases where there is a need for immediate preliminary relief.

Increases accessibility and protections for Native American and Alaska Native voters.

Tell your representatives in Congress to fight for the the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

More from Indivisible on what you can do to help: https://forthepeople.indivisible.org