Racial Justice Coalition

When progressives work together we have to power to make, well, progress.

The Racial Justice Coalition is a temporary name, we will have a permanent name and description in a week or so. Priorities so far are: policing, school to jail pipeline, hazardous waste sites in communities of color and poverty, ongoing dumping by contractors and others in the same communities. Carson Valley and Springfield Township H.S. issues, calling police in, black students. Every issue we will take on will begin with research so we are clear on the problem before working begins.

Our groups include:

Social Justice Indivisible

Cheltenham NAACP

Norristown NAACP

Communities for Change

Progressive MontCo (PMC)

PMC Environmental Team

PMC Racial Justice Team

United Men of Color

Community for Change, Upper Merion

Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Social Justice Team

PA Coordinator for Indivisible