Ideas for Action: Letters to the Editor

Obituaries and Letters to the Editor are two of the most-read items in local newspapers. While avoiding the former, we can make our voices heard by spending a few minutes writing the latter.

A thoughtful letter alerts neighbors to issues. For those on the right, your letter might the the only chance they get to hear the 'other side', and coming from a neighbor, might open them to considering your viewpoint. And for those on the left, seeing you letter will give courage to make their own views known.

And, remember, it's not just the public that pays attention to these submissions, politicians keep on eye on their hometown papers to gauge the mood of constituents.

Keep your letter focused on single topic and use facts to support your case. Take a look at this letter-writing tool from Indivisible to get an idea of what to say, but a personalized letter has much more impact. Heather Cox Richardson's Letters from an American is also an excellent course for facts and inspiration.

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Letters from An American link: