Ideas for Action: Peer to Peer Canvassing

  • The pandemic makes in-person canvassing problematic.

  • Insufferable spam-calls keep us from answering unknown numbers.

  • And while a text can be read at glance, texts hardly lend themselves to a complex message. And clicking a link for more -- well, that's often problematic.

So, what can we do?

Peer-to-Peer Phone Canvassing

Our immediate problem is the amendment that PA Republicans are sneaking onto the May primary ballot. Basically, they want to reconfigure the PA Supreme Court into a wholly partisan body -- you can read more here.

My hope is that we can each learn the the nuances of the Amendment, the Republicans reasons-why (both stated and stated) and why this is a terrible idea.

Then, call three friends, explain the Amendment to them, and ask them to do the same.

Republicans will be pushing this amendment with lots of money on Facebook, Instagram, TV, direct mail --- whatever media can money can buy. But we can push back with with the personal touch.