Don't Let PA's Gerrymandered, Republican Legislature Curtail the Governor's Emergency Powers.

PA conservatives are hoping to catch progressives sleeping this May 18th with some amendments to the state Constitution. This video, courtesy of the Radnor League of Women Voters explains the issues.

Every vote in every election counts: these off-year, off-year Primary Elections typically have low turnout. Township commissioners, School Directors and Judges don't generate the interest that Presidents and Senators and Congress Persons do — but the consequences of these elections can be far-reaching.

May 18th Primary Ballot - VOTE

Independents and Third-Party voters can vote on the amendments on the Primary Ballot. Deadline to register to vote or update voter registrations is: May 11.

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Continuing their efforts against science and now separation of powers, the Republican majority in our General Assembly have drafted two amendments to curtail the Governor's powers during a disaster or emergency.

Please vote NO to the two amendments (Article III and IV) dealing with disaster relief or emergency powers, which severely limit the Governor's powers and ability to take action, limits remedial action to 21 days regardless of the danger on the ground, and moves decision making during emergencies and disasters to a vote of the full General Assembly (235 individuals voting). Imagine the delays!

Another amendment (Article I) addresses the rights of individuals, regardless of race or ethnicity. The ACLU has recently recommended a yes vote.

The fourth ballot question allows fire companies with paid staff access to start loans. Yes on this, volunteer companies already have access to this loans and departments should have the same access.