Partner, not parent organization, is the hub for an alliance of independent groups dedicated to progressive policy. It serves as central clearinghouse for information, strategies, tactics, ideas and coordination and fund raising.

Turn PA Blue

Turn PA Blue is focused on breaking the Republican’s stranglehold on the PA Statehouse. It’s data-driven approach focuses on winnable seats, coordinating direct action between candidates and volunteers.

Progressive MontCo


A Montgomery County grassroots organization affiliated with Pennsylvania Stands Up.  


SJI and Progressive MontCo collaborate around environmental action and environmental justice.


Vote Smart — Find out how your representatives voted

From the website: Vote Smart provides easy access to Congressional and state voting records and maintains a collection of key votes grouped by issue. Vote Smart uses the following criteria to select key votes:

  1. The vote should be helpful in portraying how a member stands on a particular issue

  2. The vote should be clear for any person to understand

  3. The vote has received media attention

  4. The vote was passed or defeated by a very close margin

  5. Occasionally, if a specific bill is consistently inquired about on the Voter's Research Hotline, the vote will be added

Vote Smart provides a summary of the version of the bill text associated with each selected key vote. The summary does not necessarily reflect the content of the final version of the bill. Summaries are written by Vote Smart's staff and interns, who adhere to the project's strict policies and procedures in order to guarantee absolute impartiality and accuracy. Each key vote selection is reviewed by the project's community of advisors, who are political scientists and journalists from all fifty states.

Votes PA

Votes PA is our go-to for the most up-to-date information on voter registration, absentee ballots, and polling locations. 


It's a great site, full of information -- you can register on-line, check your voter registration, make a change of address, apply for mail-in or absentee ballot.


Checking your voter registration status will also tell you your ward, precinct and polling location. 

The only hitch that we've found is that you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to Find your Polling Place and the pull-down menus are keyed to your local post office, not necessary your town. For instance, if you live in Wyndmoor, you might need to use Glenside as your town. 

Find your Polling location