Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Since 1850 PA's state Constitution has called for PA's Appellant Court Judges -- including our Supreme Court Judges -- to be elected state-wide, by majority vote. This spring the Republicans in the PA Legislature are trying to sneak a Constitutional Amendment on the bottom of your ballot to change that.

Unhappy with some of the Courts’ recent decisions -- like NOT disallowing mail-in ballots and thus awarding our Electoral College votes to Donald Trump -- Republicans in the PA Legislature want to have Appellate Court judges elected, not statewide, but by districts -- districts that these Republican legislators will themselves devise.

These Republicans hope to capture 5 of the 7 Supreme Court Justices for themselves by isolating Democrats into two districts and carefully disenfranchising the rest. We can only guess what would have happened to our electoral votes had such a highly partisan Court been making the rulings.

By sneaking this Amendment on the bottom of a primary municipal election -- which is this May 18 — they hope that low voter turnout will give them a victory.

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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Register for the Feb 4th SJI meeting - Stay Informed! Guest Presentation on State-wide effort to stop the gerrymandering of our Hight Courts. Register for SJI Meeting here.

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SJI and the Cheltenham NAACP - 2021 collaboration: As we address racial justice and equity, SJI is working with our local NAACP, supporting their strategic goals for 2021. Join us as we work with our neighbors to create a stronger community. Interested in being part of this work? Email me at sjindivisible@gmail.com