Social Justice Indivisible: A Brief History


The first meeting of what would become Social Justice Indivisible was held on November 22nd, 2016, two weeks after the November election of Donald Trump.  It was held at the home of Ellen Stevenson, who had put a post on the Nextdoor Neighborhood website on Nov. 14th, inviting anyone interested to meet at her home as a “post-election support group”.  Responses poured in, so many that she had to limit the meeting in her living room, and at the end of the get-together it was unanimous, all wanted to keep meeting.  


The Social Justice Group name was agreed upon at the December get-together, and we registered as an Indivisible organization.  By January 2017 over one hundred people gathered together in a local hall to begin working in teams, including but not limited to Election Strategy, Environmental Action, Legislative Action, Nonpartisan Discussion and others.  We have never stopped working, and each year have held at least ten monthly meetings focused on issues such as the quality of drinking water, gerrymandering, environmental stewardship, school funding, racial injustice, getting out the vote, etc.  


The ability to meet for discussion on topics of concern and organize a path forward has energized and bonded our members, and today Social Justice Indivisible has grown to 400 activists.  By May, 2017 the need to focus on elections was clear - work on a variety of issues went nowhere without allies in the PA General Assembly and the US Congress.  With a three year plan in mind, we began to focus first on filling vacant and inactive Democratic Committee Person (CP) positions throughout Montgomery County (a committee person is responsible for keeping residents in his/her voting precinct advised of elections, issues and candidates, and is elected every four years).  Coupled with the growing enthusiasm in the Democratice Party to remove the party of Trump and the work to fill vacant and inactive CP’s resulted in 2019 seeing the highest increase ever of new CP’s throughout the county.  Combined with the growing list of volunteers, activists and “block captains”, Democrats are now turning out more voters on election days.  Removing the party of Trump is happening. 


Although Social Justice Indivisible is not a Democratic Party organization, we are basically aligned with the progressive platform of the Democratic Party.  Likewise, SJI is against a number of positions noted in the Republican platform, including its positions on environmental preservation, women's reproductive rights, Citizens United, racial injustice, voting limitations and others.  


Consistent with the current SJI Mission / Vision / Values statement 2019, SJI is committed to strengthening American democracy, working in support of our communities and taking a stand when we see injustice.